Sump pumps are never on a "countdown" as to when they will stop working for your home. They collect water seepage in your basement. They are a valuable asset to your assets (belongings and home)! But, what happens when they stop working? What do you do? Who do you call?

Waters Basement Services are the people to call when you need to replace your sump pump. The key is to have it replaced before it needs to be replaced. Waters Basement Services recommends that you not only use your standard electric sump pump, but also a back up that is water powered. They are the best combination. That way, when the power goes out, you don't need to worry about your electric sump pump's battery back up. You'll have the water powered back up ready to pump the water out of your sump pit. 

When you contact Waters Basement Services to replace your sump pump, not only are they local, they use a local product. After more than 30 years in the industry, Waters Basement Services prefers a Liberty sump pump. They are quiet running, worry free operation, and they are backed with a 3-year warranty. 

Quality work. Quality product. Waters Basement Services has a no obligation consultation and estimate. Plus, they service 5 counties in the Rochester/Buffalo region. 


10481 Mill Road, Medina, NY 14103
Rochester: (585) 765-3369
Buffalo: (716) 474-3898