Water Quality - The AquaSource Group 

Did you know that design and installation of a water system requires various compliances, including the health department and the DEC. If you have a cottage on one of the magnificent lakes in our region that requires a shore well, you're in luck when it comes to obtaining a compliant and operational system. Simply call the AquaSource Group
Serving the community since 1987, the AquaSource Group has certified technicians that are ready to assist you with your water woes. Installation projects include:

Home Drinking Water System Reverse Osmosis Systems that is more cost effective and convenient than bottled water
Bottlefree Water Treatment System 3 stage micro-filtration system providing an endless supply of high quality drinking water
Well Maintenance & Water Treatment Sizing, installation, and repair of water pump systems providing consistent and reliable water supply
Lake Water System NYS DEC registered Water Well Contractor that installs ShoreWells as well as Water Lines and Intakes
Waste Water/Septic System Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services; Onsite System Analysis and Inspections; Leach System Repairs and Installations
Laboratory Testing In compliance with FHA, VA or Health Department requirements

Consider the professional and experienced technicians to handle your water from the AquaSource Group; quality water at an affordable price.