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Did you take on a project to keep you busy during the long cold winter months?  Chances are, whether your project is a remodel, a repair, a make-over, or even a craft, ReHouse Architectural Salvage will have just the thing that will make your project even better than you ever imagined it would be.

What do you need?  Doors?  Windows?   Plumbing fixtures?   Lighting fixtures?  Flooring?   Trim?   Hardware?   Cabinets?  We're telling you, they have it ALL!  And if your project needs a certain period style piece you'll really be happy, ReHouse Architectural Salvage has many hard to find modern, mid-century, and antique items.  


Their inventory is amazing.  And it's always changing!  

ReHouse Architectural Salvage 
469 W Ridge Rd. 
Rochester, NY 14615