It can happen at any time. A storm powerful enough to take out power to your residential area. The question is...are you prepared for when that happens? If not, I'd like to recommend to you a company that's leading the industry with residential installations of home generators; Home Power Systems

Home Powers Systems is the expert when it comes to sales, installation and service of automatic standby generators for your home. When you call, you won't speak with someone about showers, nor will you speak with someone about your yard, you'll speak with an experienced professional that is able address your concerns. They will provide you with a cost effective solution! 

Home Power Systems provides the peace of mind that your generator will start during the most important time for you and your family. Knowing what you want connected to the generator when your power supply goes out helps with the selection of the generator for your home. Once your order is placed, and if the generator is in stock, delivery to your home is only about 7-10 business days! 

Home Power Systems doesn't just install the generator, they also are there for the maintenance needs of your generator. Their experienced technicians can perform routine maintenance or repair to your system. If your system was installed by someone else, no worries! Home Power Systems certified, factory trained technicians are able to assist you. Repairs are most likely completed same day, as Home Power Systems has parts and equipment available in their warehouse. 

Click here to complete the online form for a complimentary on site home inspection. Home Power Systems can work within your budget and provide you peace of mind for your family and your home, should you experience power failure.

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Farmington, NY 14425
Phone: (585) 421-0203, or call
Toll-free: (877) 421-0203