Looking for a new or new-to-you vehicle? Are you tired of listening to all of the ads of a "come see us and get (insert gift here)"? Are you the proud recipient of a key that may unlock your new car? Let me tell you, it's worth the drive to Avon to deal with the "no-nonsense" car dealer ®. Genesee Valley Motors has non-commissioned, factory certified salespeople that are available to assist you with your car buying. With more than 20 years in the industry, Genesee Valley Motors has been providing to the public real prices for vehicles. The salespeople listen to what your needs are, and don't try to sell you something that you don't need. No need to be a skeptic, be certain with your choice of Genesee Valley Motors! 
Call: (585) 226-6000
Website: GeneseeValley.com