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How to Prepare for Having Your Home Inspected 
by Jim Salmon



The pre-purchase home inspection is an accepted part of the real estate transaction. The buyer wants assurance that the various systems and components of the home are in working order. The home inspector is an independent source hired by the buyer to provide an objective analysis of the home.

The following check list will help your seller prepare for a "Professional Home Inspection"

* Participants. The prospective buyer and the home inspector will both inspect your home.

*Duration. The inspection will take approximately 2 to 3 hours.

*Tools. Common tools involve a ladder, flashlight, small hand tools, gas leak detector, and carbon monoxide detector.

*Appliances. All appliances will be turned on and checked.

*Foundation. The foundation will be checked for cracks and unevenness.

*Plumbing. The water pressure, drainage, leaks, etc. Will be checked by turning on and filling up tubs and sinks.

*Attic and crawl space or basement. These areas will be checked for signs of water penetration and proper insulation and venting.

*Electrical system. The panel cover will be removed to check for adequacy of service additionally various outlets will be checked.


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