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Jennings Strong

Saturday, April 27th
2:00pm - 8:00pm

Erika Jennings (her father-in-law & husband) are friends of Jim's. She's a wife and mother of a beautiful 1 year old daughter. 

In December, they went to the hospital for her migraines and she was rushed into emergency surgery within an hour. Doctors began using unfamiliar terms like glioblastoma, and to Thom’s desperate horror, he learned that his beloved wife has a fast-spreading brain tumor that attacks the cerebral hemisphere. Glioblastomas are extremely dangerous and rare, so rare that there are no case studies on someone her age with this disease.  

There currently is a GoFundMe account and April 27, 2019 will be a fundraiser to help offset her income and help with the bills.

Click here for the website explaining details and contact.

Sacred Heart Club

Medina, N.Y.

More Information will be coming, but there will be baskets, sports memorabilia, etc. along with great music! To contact Erika's father-in-law, Thom Jennings, email him at, they are gratefully accepting baskets, etc.